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Fur Repairs, Fur Alterations, Fur Restyling |

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Fur Repairs, Fur Alterations, Fur Restyling

Restyle Trends



What was once an old-fashioned long coat, can now become a detachable liner for a new all-weather coat. Or see it converted into a reversible sheared stroller, offering the versatility, warmth and up-to-date trends. One of the biggest requests we get is to turn old coats into versatile and comfortable vests.  By shearing your older garments, they will become lighter and easier to manage.

Fur is one of the very few natural materials that can be easily altered or restyled. Whether your garment commands some simple style modifications to the collar or sleeve, or a complete make-over, we have the experience and skilled staff to make it happen.

Your furs need to be specially cared for at all times.  Charisma Furs will help you restore your garments by caring for any minor repairs that require attention.  On-site experts ensure quality craftmanship that allow our customers to feel like their items are in excellent hands for their repairs. Your furs need to be specially cared for at all times, and by bringing your garments to Charisma Furs, you will be comfortable they are in great hands!



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